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Hey… I’m leaving. I wanted to get back to this blog, but sadly I have just completely lost interest in Poptropica as a whole. It was fun for me to be a part of this community, but it’s about time for me to move on. Whether or not I’ll get rid of the blog or give it to someone else is a big ‘If’ for me right now. I’m also considering leaving it like it is just in case my interest sparks up again. Another thing I’d like to bring up is I am going to ditch the name Clean Shark entirely. I’m going to go by JamesEnder13 now, and yeah. I am also considering making a Gaming blog, where I just talk about video games in general. It was nice to have my fun here, but as of now, Clean Shark is out.

Lots of Updates

Poptropica Craze

Sorry everyone,I’ve been quite busy with life recently! But I’m back now for the weekend,so let’s discuss what’s been going on while I was away!

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Poptropica Craze

Because I like saying it like that.

Anyway,a brief summary of what’s going on right now…

First, there’s a new promo code for a not-that-new item: enter POPANYWHERE in the Store online to get a free Poptropica App Tablet/Phone! This is to advertise the Poptropica Apps,of course.

But this isn’t the only cash-grab for Poptropica- now,7 out of the 9 sponsor islands are now only available to members! Others can play a demo,but that’s about it.



But wait! Yes,I said 9! But there’s only Galactic Hot Dogs as the remaining free sponsor island,right?

Right. For now. See this gif that the Creators gave us.

Yes,the next island is in fact,Timmy Failure Island! Seriously though creators,colours aren’t that much of a big deal

You can learn more about this failure of an island (imho GHI was more of a failure) right here.

(Total? As in Total Failure? Heh.

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Poptropica Craze

There are 3 small things that I want to go over today:

First off,the creators have released a couple of new items in the store: the Capes’n’Cowls and the Hat Trick! The latter is different for both boys and girls and they’re available for 75 credits! Go check ’em out!

Next up,the third episode of Arabian Nights is now available for all! See if you can finish the final episode of the epic saga that is the winner of the Island Creation Competition and capture that Afreet Djinn once and for all! Pity you can’t beat my rank😛

Finally,the Creators are helping us out,sorta. You know the feeling when you want to play Poptropica on your computer but the Flash Player doesn’t work? Well,if you go to the main page,there’s a little something below the main screen:

Huh? Huh?

That’s right! The Creators are helping us with all that Flash…

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Heh…should I do this stuff more often?

Poptropica Craze

The title says all.A lot,actually. Go play it,dummy!

(Read below after finishing the island)

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Just a pointless update,nothing more.

Poptropica Craze

So I was building in Realms the other day…when night approached. The Twilight Pixies were going to come. I had to hide somewhere. I managed to find a good place to hide and never saw a Pixie the whole night. Guess where I hid? (Click Read More for the answer)

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Something important…

Hey guys,it’s me,SC. Something important here. The trailer for the next full island has been leaked onto the internet! You can see it here .  Yeah,I already watched it. Interesting , eh? I was going to post this yesterday,but the computer wasn’t working. So,yeah. Enjoy the trailer!

Ah,but one more thing. Since this is leaked and illegal,I don’t want to completely destroy the creators. So, I’m afraid I cannot allow you to comment about this new trailer too specifically in the comments section. If you do,I’ll either edit it or delete it entirely. Stay safe and have fun!



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