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On a video of Balloon Boy (Poptropican Version, not FNAF version) this topic came up in the comments section:

U should make a island for fnaf!

+BMOgirlgamer158 That idea comes up more and more often.  Might have to give that serious thought.  Thanks!
So, is it possible that Poptropica may have a FNAF island? We’ll just have to find out. Also, here’s a link so you can see for yourself.
*insert FNAF jumpscare here*

Hey, guys. After an April Fools prank meant for a week led to inactivity, nothing has happened. I have moved on from being a News Reporter to being the Ender Lord. Yeah, I kinda moved from Poptropica to Minecraftia. Both are great. :) I’ll get this blog back to the swing of things, so yeah. (I’m not dead, ha ha)

Land Tour

Land Tour.



Yeah,sorry guys.Can’t copy and paste everything. So,whatcha think?


Also,Clean,this joke is over.



Umm…..bye,I guess?

Let Me Hypnotize You…


Today a new Monster Carnival Member’s only gold card came out, The Hypno-Powder!  With the Hypno-Powder, you can hypnotize anyone you see with just a press of the spacebar.

Poptropica Members, visit the Poptropica Store now to get your Hypno-Powder! If you’re not yet a Member, find out how to get Membership today.

— GS


I Have a Hunch…

I read on a recent post by HPuterPop that there is a rumour that Captain Crawfish and his blogging buddies are running out of ideas. If this is true, then I have a hunch, a theory even. (But I think Mr.Fantastic might have a better one than me :-P ) What if the reason the Creators gave us the Poptropica Labs Land prototype to see if maybe players could start submitting their own Islands, that way imagination could continue in Poptropica! Perhaps the same thing with Create your Dream Island, to see what players could come up with! If this is true, then they better have it organized, perhaps a separate tab for the map with fan created Islands, or maybe each month they have a little version of the contest using our lands to see what new Islands to make! The possibilities are endless!! Clean Shark out!

Poptropican Perfect Sky made a great video today and the creators liked it so much, they posted it on their blog!

Don’t miss your chance to try out the Land Protoype in Poptropica Labs. It won’t be available forever. Become a Member today!

— GS


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